A muse of the news…


Yesterday I created a new dish at the restaurant and made a bet with the other Chef’s that it would sell well. I walked out to a table and sold 10 on the spot. Within no time it jumped to 25.

To top it off…I woke up this morning and there was a piece written about me on the front page of the “Taste” section of the newspaper about my role on Hell’s Kitchen. What a way to start the work week man!

Just call me “Loudly Humble!” – 😉

“Boom boom…” – Chef Nedra of Hell’s Kitchen w/ Gordon Ramsay on FOX


4 thoughts on “A muse of the news…

  1. Looks amazing! For those of us not nearby to partake in this delish dish, what was the dish name? Anything with crispy golden tops have to be a piece of heaven 🙂

  2. @Lala…lol, thanks for asking. The main dish was a Tokyo Salmon infused w/ sesame oil topped with toasted black/white sesame seeds; resting on top of a bed of coconut ginger rice, asian green beens with a soy reduction with grilled jumbo shrimp on top. What you see pictured is a bed of baby beef wellington’s that were available as an option as a side. – Chef Nedra

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