My Hell’s Kitchen Morning To Remember…


It was a rough night for me on tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Morning’s can be tough on the life of a Chef since we work into the wee hours of the morning.

This morning, on the other hand, was great during my cooking segment on the local FOX affiliate KABB in San Antonio, Texas.

Things tend to get a little crazy behind the scenes once I start to do my Chef Nedra thing in the FOX kitchen.

I’m getting the impression that food is a big priority to the Anchor’s and crew! lol… 😉

“Boom boom…” – Chef Nedra of Hell’s Kitchen w/ Gordon Ramsay on FOX

4 thoughts on “My Hell’s Kitchen Morning To Remember…

  1. I don’t watch Hell’s Kitchen cuz I can’t stand the yelling and stuff, but I LOVE your blog about it! Keep em comin, girl!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m honored you actually liked a food post of mine! Good luck on the show…ill be watching 🙂

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