Dog Day Afternoon…


Words can’t express how busy it was at the restaurant last night. Don’t get me wrong, busy is good…but I couldn’t help but think of what it would be like to be having a bucket of Dos Equis and enjoying a few dogs while watching the NBA Playoffs.

The Miami Heat brought their game last night, but Sunday will be a fun day as well as a Father’s Day full of food !!

Big news dropping very very soon 😉

“Boom boom…” – Chef Nedra of Hell’s Kitchen w/ Gordon Ramsay on FOX

3 thoughts on “Dog Day Afternoon…

  1. Chef Nefra thanks for making me laugh the first couple of episodes and you hoo haws.
    I have no intent of ever coming to San Anton. But my Dad is from there and will be visiting next month. I’ll tell him to stop and eat. He loves steak. I hope to see you on team Ja’neal in the season finale. I think she can win it all.

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