Private Chef work for “Mr. Big”


If I had a magic wand to slow down my world, I would do it just long enough to catch my breath…Then let it fly at the same 100mph rate of speed it’s been since my last blog post lol.

The private Chef business is blowing up for me and I guess it’s time to admit that I have a fabulous regular client, who we’ll refer to as “Mr. Big”, that books the Chef Nedra experience on the regular.

So today I drove over, made lobster eggs-benedict for a large breakfast social; and a Tuscan lobster lasagna for another meeting he had later in the afternoon. The advantage of the private Chef world is my creative expressions can go wild, and the feedback is immediate. It feels good to know the impact great cuisine can have on someone’s life.

Between speaking engagements, working w/ children’s groups, my day job and the private Chef thing…you wouldn’t think I had time to launch my own spice line huh?

Well guess again!

Stay tuned…and thanks for all the well wishes and love I’ve received from you.  😉

“Boom boom” – Chef Nedra of Season 11 Hell’s Kitchen w/ Gordon Ramsay on FOX

3 thoughts on “Private Chef work for “Mr. Big”

  1. Excellent news, so happy for you! I love a good success story and it’s amazing in this day and age that we can sit in our homes and watch it happening. I love technology! Enjoy, you have obviously worked hard for this and deserve the best!

  2. Hi Nedra. I was so in love with you when you were on Hell’s Kitchen. I miss seeing you in action. I wish we could meet, but I know that will never happen. Well, stay beautiful and sexy. Kisses, from Lovely

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