I went to Romulus High School in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. The school was well known for it’s culinary program. I not only studied everything I could to become a well rounded Chef; I even studied ice carving!

In 2004 I won 3rd place in the Plymouth Ice Carving competition and was pretty proud of myself 😉

After High school I began a journey of higher education at The School of Culinary Arts of Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago, Illinois; where I really learned what it meant to shine. While there I met Wolfgang Puck and was fortunate enough to be selected to work for him on some of his events.

For my internship at Le Cordon Bleu I worked at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. There I learned what it really meant to work on the line and move at a high stressed pace. We often served groups of 500 plus in a matter of hours.

I returned to Chicago after my internship at Disney and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2008. Soon after, I was asked by one of my teachers to help them start their own Italian restaurant, so I worked there for nearly 2 years.

After my time there I made my way to San Antonio, Texas;  where I began, and still currently; work as a kitchen Manager for Landry’s Chart House…atop The Tower of America’s in scenic downtown San Antonio.

Thanks for taking a moment to view my travels up to this point in my life of cooking.

“Boom boom…” – Chef Nedra

17 thoughts on “Bio

    • Terrepruitt…Thanks so much. The dish in the header is called “Pasta La Nedra”; a vodka cream sauce infused w/ roasted red peppers. Thanks again. – Chef Nedra

      • Ha, ha, ha. I must have “known” and that is why I am so attracted!! Those are three of my FAVORITE things; vodka, bell peppers (I’m thinking they were the sweet, not the hot kind), and pasta! It looks so delicious!

  1. Do you have any restaurant recommendations for the San Antonio or Austin area? I’m heading down there in 2 weeks and am always looking for new places to try!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I think of you as a gourmet who loves bacon, so I was surprised that you are interested in the vegetarian world. Shows me not to make assumptions! Kudos on Hell’s Kitchen!

  3. Never knew you were from San Antonio, i also live here and know your father. (He is so proud of you) I said i never wanted to go atop of towers but you have made me rethink that decision. I want to taste your food. Good luck with this season i hope you win.

  4. Hey there! I am coming to lunch today at the Chart House! I am in town for work! Thanks again for visiting my blog! Excited to see where you work!

  5. I didn’t do the culinary college program, but i did the general disney college program. It was such an amazing experience. Hell’s Kitchen is one of my favorite shows, I love watching it.

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