The Restaurant Is About To Open…

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My dream of being the Executive Chef of a restaurant is now days away from happening. As the Executive Chef of Werner’s “The Culinary Experts” restaurant, in San Antonio, I’ll be able to do what I do best! Preparing great food and interacting with the guests and dazzling them with my sparkling personality lol. As you can see, I’m finishing out the menu items and preparing all kinds of Chef Nedra dishes for the grand opening.

We will provide a clever twist on todays fine dining experience and believe me when I say…it will be the ultimate Chef Nedra Experience! Look for more details coming soon on location, grand opening and menu.

Thanks to all of those that continued to support my efforts, it’s time for the big show!

It’s Chef Nedra, formerly of Hell’s Kitchen…now of “Her” kitchen! Come visit the Werner’s experience!

– Boom boom

The Flavor that Ya Savor…


On the set of FOX promoting my spice line. Orders have been coming in and I’m feeling pretty blessed!

“Pootie Spice” is taking off. It’s good on nearly everything you put in your mouth lol.

I’ll be on my grind on the promo trail, but wanted to thank all the messages of support and well wishes from all of you. Buy here via secure online transaction – and tell your family & friends that it’s your own secret recipe 😉

So…Click here  I need more spice in my life!   and take your BBQ, meats,veggies,soups and casseroles to that “Hush Yo Mouth!” level.

Take care.

– It’s ya girl Chef Nedra from Hell’s Kitchen w/ that “Boom Boom”.



Add My Spice To Your Life…


I’m proud to announce the release of my very own “Pootie Spice”, which is an all purpose spice I personally created for my dishes years ago.

This spice adds just the right amount of “Ooo Weee” to all of your favorite meats, vegetables, soups and side dishes.

I’ll be back on KABB Fox 29 in San Antonio to debut the flavor explosion of my Pootie Spice along w/ my culinary creation for the day w/ Monica & Ernie.

You can purchase some Pootie Spice for ya life right here: Take Me To The Pootie Spice…

or you can just click the “Buy Pootie Spice” link up above on the page heading!


Add some more spice in ya life today and tell me what you use Pootie Spice on!

Thanks again for your well wishes and support!

– It’s ya girl Chef Nedra bringing that Boom Boom to your food game.



Eva Longoria and Chef Nedra Are Doing What…?


Guess who’s coming to dinner? lol

I’m proud to announce I’ll be working w/ Eva Longoria as a celebrity Chef at this year’s “Eva’s Heroes” Celebrity Casino Gala.

Not only will I be doing my Chef thing and creating tasty eats for the event, but I will also be part of a Celebrity Chef Auction w/ other culinary giants to help raise funds for Eva’s organization.

“Eva’s Heroes” is a remarkable organization dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual special needs.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to do what I love in a way that also benefits the lives of other’s.

It’s your girl Chef Nedra…still doing her thing!

Thanks for taking the time to visit

“Boom boom…” – Chef Nedra of Season 11 of Hell’s Kitchen w/ Gordon Ramsay on FOX

Pop’s and Peep’s…


Happy Father’s Day to my peeps! Today is NBA Finals Sunday for the Spurs & the Heat and I’m already gettin’ in the zone.

Have a safe Father’s Day, tell your pop’s you love em’ and…Go Spurs Go Yo!

“Boom boom…” – Chef Nedra of Hell’s Kitchen w/ Gordon Ramsay on FOX

Dog Day Afternoon…


Words can’t express how busy it was at the restaurant last night. Don’t get me wrong, busy is good…but I couldn’t help but think of what it would be like to be having a bucket of Dos Equis and enjoying a few dogs while watching the NBA Playoffs.

The Miami Heat brought their game last night, but Sunday will be a fun day as well as a Father’s Day full of food !!

Big news dropping very very soon 😉

“Boom boom…” – Chef Nedra of Hell’s Kitchen w/ Gordon Ramsay on FOX