The Restaurant Is About To Open…

redbaklavaWpro WernerPromo1a

My dream of being the Executive Chef of a restaurant is now days away from happening. As the Executive Chef of Werner’s “The Culinary Experts” restaurant, in San Antonio, I’ll be able to do what I do best! Preparing great food and interacting with the guests and dazzling them with my sparkling personality lol. As you can see, I’m finishing out the menu items and preparing all kinds of Chef Nedra dishes for the grand opening.

We will provide a clever twist on todays fine dining experience and believe me when I say…it will be the ultimate Chef Nedra Experience! Look for more details coming soon on location, grand opening and menu.

Thanks to all of those that continued to support my efforts, it’s time for the big show!

It’s Chef Nedra, formerly of Hell’s Kitchen…now of “Her” kitchen! Come visit the Werner’s experience!

– Boom boom

3 thoughts on “The Restaurant Is About To Open…

  1. Oh wow! So exciting! I wish I was closer, I would definitely come check out the “Ultimate Chef Nedra Experience”. CONGRATS!! 🙂

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